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Weekly Overview September 30, 2014

Wow!!  We are almost into October!  We are getting use to our routines and structures and are on our way to being more of an independent learner and thinker!!  The more your child reads each night, the more successful they will be in school!!  Thanks for your help!!

Language Arts:  This week our main focus will be on Cause and Effect in a story.  This is sometimes challenging!  Ask what causes “something” that happened in the story that they are reading and what was the effect!!  We will also focus on summary-which can also be difficult.  Please ask your child explain what they are reading in a few sentences.  The big picture!  The important events, not focusing on details.  This just takes practice.

Your children know their reading levels!!  They are now able to read a book and take an accelerated reading test on their story on the computer.  They should be reading books on their level and taking tests when they finish the story.  Many students are already taking tests!  Ask your child about this.  They can also take the test of chapter books that I read to them, or books that you read to them at home.

We will also discuss nouns, intonation, and the long vowels of o, u, and e.  Soft and hard g sounds will be discussed.  Play with words with your children at home to help them with these sounds.

Homework:  Your child should be reading each night, turning in the reading log each Monday!!  This is homework!  Also, your child will have with them today, the 8 target words that we are working on in school this week.  They can use these words in their writing assignment.  The writing assignment should be worked on each night, showing evidence that they are re-reading, editing, adding and working with their writing to improve it.  This assignment is due each Friday!

Math:  We have completed Unit 1 and your child took a test last Friday.  Unit 2 is all about addition and subtraction facts!  We will be taking lots of timed tests, and your child will be working at their own individual level to improve their skills, wherever they are.  Practice math facts at home.

Homework:  As you should know, we are now starting Math Homelinks.  These sheets go home each day, Monday through Thursday, and should be returned the next day.  If the problems and concepts are challenging, do more at home.  If  your child can be further challenged, make the problems more difficult.  Thanks for your help!

Have a great week!

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 22, 2014

Please help me in welcoming our new principal Ms. Thole!!!!

I am also happy to announce that we will be starting to have a snack each afternoon!!  I will provide the first few days worth of snacks!  Please donate a healthy snack-enough for 25 students.  We will all eat the same snack each day.  Please see the note going home about acceptable foods.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We are working on our 3rd lesson-our focus will be on the Author’s Purpose (for writing), writing statements and questions, the long vowels of a and i, and writing sentences that describe.  We will also keep working on self-correcting.  We looked at our writing this morning and discussed how to make sentences longer and more interesting.  Ask your child about this.  They will have 8 vocabulary words with them that they can include in their writing assignment this week that is due this Friday.  Thanks.

Homework:  Reading each night and recording on the weekly form, and complete the writing each night, and turn in on Friday.  Thanks

I think I am going to let the Reading Books go home on Thursday, so that your child can read the story to you.  These books MUST be returned the next day-we use them in class.

Math:  We will complete lessons 1.9 through 1.11 this week.  We will have a test on Unit 1 this Friday.  The test will include counting coins, telling time, adding one digit numbers, and a few tally mark questions.  Practice these skills at home!!

We will be working with calculators,, counting and looking for patterns,, using the less than and greater than signs and concepts and reading a thermometer.

Homework:  We will have a worksheet, Monday through Thursday-the math sheet should be completed and returned each day.

Social Studies:  Your child received their Social Studies book today.  Ask them what words they learned and wrote.  The book is great-but full of strong vocabulary and lots of reading, which is great!!

Many thanks for reading to your child each night!!  They all know their reading level-ask them!!!  What a great group of kids!!!

Have a good week-  And…please remember to bring a snack in!!!  Thanks.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 15, 2014

Third week of school!!!  Just a reminder that Open House is this Wednesday evening, starting at 5:00.  I hope you can come!!

-Gym class – Tuesday and Friday this year!!  I encourage all students to wear their Ray shirt on those days.  Thanks

-$85.00 class fee is due.

-All forms are due-thanks.


Language Arts:  Lesson 2 this week will focus around the skills of compare and contrast and asking questions.  We will continue to discuss sentence structure and sentence writing.  Short vowel sounds of o, u, and e will be reviewed.  We are reading a story about “My Family”-ask your child about it.  We will have a review test each Friday, covering the skills we have worked on throughout the week.

Homework:  Your child should have a written assignment sheet each Monday.  They should work on this each night, and turn it in on Friday.  Also, on the back of the sheet is a reading log, that you should mark each day and that should be turned in the following Monday.  Thanks.  The log is just to make sure that your child is reading each night.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete lessons 1.5 through 1.8 this week.  We are covering Money-counting coins and dollars (practice at home), introducing Math Boxes and our Reference Book, Working in small groups reviewing patterns and sequences, and working with our number grid exploring place-value.

Homework:  Everyday math homelinks does not start yet, but your child has a homework math sheet to do each night, Monday through Thursday, that should be turned in the following day.  Thanks for your help in this.

Social Studded:  We have been talking about our school, our neighborhood and our community.  We are working together as a group and getting to know our routines and structure of the school and our classroom.

Science:  Our first unit will be on Weather.  A fun unit learning about clouds, weather instruments, reading thermometers and discussions around our world, countries and weather patterns on the globe.

Thanks for your help and I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Thanks and have a good week.  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 8, 2014

Wow!!  We are off to a great beginning of our second grade school year!!  If you or your child have any questions at all, please ask and we will work together to find the answer!!  Your child will have a class schedule with them today.  Please ask them.

Language Arts:  We will be working on Sequence of Events.  When you are reading with your child each night, please discuss the order of the story.We are also working with short vowel a and i sounds.  We will be working with high-frequency words, and target vocabulary words:  curly, straight, floppy, drooped, weighed, stood, collars and row.  Please use these words at home.

Homework:  We will be getting Homework folders SOON!!!  This will help.  But for now, your child should be reading 15 minutes each night.

Your Child will have a writing assignment that will start tomorrow.  They will receive a writing prompt, and each night they will work on it, turning it in on Friday.

Math:  We have started our Math Unit 1- Numbers and Routines.  This week we will complete lessons 1.2-1.5- Coins, Calendars and Clocks, Routines and grouping by tens.  Friday will be math games and centers.

Homework:  We will have math homework Monday through Thursday.  Everyday math homework does not start until the end of Unit 1, so your child will have a math homework sheet to complete each night and that sheet should be returned the next day.  Thanks

Homework:  Math worksheet Monday through Thursday, returned the next day.

A few reminders-

-Every Tuesday and Friday your child will have gym class so they should come to school with gym shoes on.

-Class fee of $85.00 is due in cash.  Thanks.

-Open House is next Wednesday at 6:00!!!  Please come! Thanks.

Thanks for helping this be a great start to our new school year!!

Jean Clement


Welcome to Second Grade

I am excited for this new school year!
I hope that you will find the information below helpful.

• Each student will be receiving a School folder. Since the folders have not arrived at Ray school yet, we will begin the year using the folder your child brought home today. All important papers will be sent home in this folder each night, until the new ones arrive. At the beginning of every week, I will put the Weekly Overview in the students’ folder. For your convenience I will also publish it on my blog which can be found on the Ray school website –
• The folders will be checked each day at school. I will be checking for completed homework assignments, a parent signature (or initials) on the monthly calendar and any notes that you may have written to me or someone else at Ray school.
• I can be contacted through e-mail at or through the Ray school website at

Once we get into our routines, the students will receive homework every night Monday – Friday. There may be homework over the weekend, on rare occasions. The students will have math homework every night, usually a “Home Link”. The students will have sight word, vocabulary and writing homework as well as a required minimum 15 minutes of reading daily. You will be notified of all homework assignments through our weekly overview.
The monthly calendar (in your student’s Ray School folder) should be signed or initialed every night after your student has finished all of that night’s homework and reviewed it together – including reading for 20 minutes.

Lunch Money
• PLEASE complete the application for free or reduced lunch even if your child brings lunch from home. After completing the form, return it to me in your student’s Ray School folder as soon as possible.
• Please send all lunch money for the entire week on Monday. Lunch costs $2.45 per day ($12.25 per week) and reduced lunch is 40₵ per day ($2.00 per week). All money that is brought to school should be clearly labeled in an envelope. Even if your student only wants hot lunch on one day in the middle of the week, he/she should still bring in his/her money on Monday.

School Fees
This year the school fee for all students is $85.00. This fee does not include field trips. Please let me know if you are interested in paying in installments.

It is important for the students to arrive at school every day on time. Any students who arrive after 8:45am must get a tardy slip from the security desk before coming to the classroom. Please remember that when your child returns to school from being absent, that you must send a note for the office, so that the absence may be excused. The office will not excuse any absences without a note signed by the parent.

Ray school has a new birthday policy this school year. All birthdays for the month will be celebrated on the last Friday of the month at the end of the day. Healthy snacks can be brought in by the honorees. We suggest fruit, popcorn or fruit pops. Please do NOT send sweets such as cupcakes or cookies.

Parent Volunteers
Please let me know if you would like to volunteer in the classroom. There will be many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. I also will have some take home volunteer activities for families that are interested. If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom or school, please complete a volunteer packet which is available in the main office.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a note or email with your comments, questions, or concerns!
Ms. Clement