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Weekly Overview September 28, 2015

Wow-September is almost over and we are working together, get to know routines and becoming a bit more independent:)!!  What a great group of kids!  Thanks

A few Notes:

Our Candy Sale Fund-Raising is on!!!!  Please try and sell at least one item!!!  Everyone help!!!  Our PTA says “Thanks”!!!  Our class could win a pizza party (if you need an incentive).

-October 7, bike and walk to school

-October 8-Open House from 4:30-6-Please come and learn about your child’s 2nd grade school year!!

-October 9-Picture Day!  Your child has their picture day form with them today.

-Please look at your child’s Homework folder today.  It contains a new reading log and on the back of that page is the writing assignment that is due this Friday!!!!

-Thanks for all the snacks coming in!!!  I have enough for a week or two, for now.  Thanks!  When your child brings enough snack in for 30 kids, they put a sticker next to their name on our Snack Chart!!

Math:  We will complete 1.6-9 this week.  Focus concepts will be on Equivalent Names for Numbers (a name for 20 could be 4×5, etc.); Fishing for 100-counting coins that make up $1.00 and multiples of 10 to 100; , counting with quarters, and even and odd number patterns.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday.

Language Arts:  Lesson 3 will focus on Author’s Purpose (why was this story written), Fluency; reading for accuracy and self-correct; multiple-Meaning Words; long vowels a and i; and our sight words that you have on the back of the reading log sheet.

I will start this week putting together Literature groups in the classroom that will focus on books at your child’s reading level.  It will be fun with lots of different activities.

Have a great week!

Thanks for all your help.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 21, 2015

Happy third week of second grade!!  A few notes:

-First of all, your child has several notes today, including a new reading log, math homework, and  a note about Book It.  Please look through their backpacks.

-Homework-  Your child should do their math each night, Monday through Thursday, work on their writing each night, and turn that in on Friday, and be reading each night and returning the log in each Monday.  Many students did not turn in the writing assignment on Friday.  If your child does their homework, whatever it is, they get 100% on the homework grade.  If nothing is turned in, they get a zero.  Please help with homework each night.  It should really be called home schooling.  If the work is too challenging, do what seems best for your child.  Work on each subject for 15 minutes, and write a note if, say, the math is too long.    As long as your child turns their work in, they get credit.  In the same way, if the work is not challenging enough, take the concept, and make the problems more challenging.    Thanks for your help.

-Gym is both Monday and Friday, your child needs gym shoes those days.  Also, I am encouraging your child to wear their Ray School shirt on these days-they are for sale, in my room, for $10.00-we have green and white shirts.  Your child can bring money in any day!!

-Thanks for the snacks coming in!!

-PTA meeting this Thursday, membership is $20.00  Please join!!!  Your can send that in, too!!

-$85.00 class fee is due.  Thanks

Language Arts:  We will work on Lesson 2 this week.  Our focus will be on asking questions, compare and contrast, using a glossary, complete sentences and short vowels of o, u, and e.  We will work on writing a Friendly Letter this week.

Homework:  Reading each night and working on the writing assignment each night and turning that in on Friday.

Math:  We will complete lessons 1.4-1.7 this week.  Your child has a game board today, have them teach you how to play tonight!  This weeks lessons cover place-value up to 1,000; equivalent names for numbers using addition and subtraction;  working with and adding coins (have a handful of coins at home so they can practice); and we will have several Open Response problems.    Look for some worksheets your child will bring home this week.

Math:  Worksheet Monday through Thursday, always due the next day.

Science:  We are working in our Air and Weather Unit.  Ask your child what words they used today to describe weather (adjectives).

Have a great week

Jean Clement

September 14, 2015 Weekly Overview

Good Morning and looking forward to our first full week of second grade!!  We had a wonderful last week of getting to know each other and getting to know some of our routines.  I have a great class that is already working together as a group.  Please ask your child what this means.  Ask your child how they are part of our group.  We work together, listen to each other and make sure everyone feels safe, responsible, respective to themselves and others.

Language Arts:  We will start our Journey’s Unit one this week.  Our focus will be Sequence of Events, short vowels of a and i, Alphabetical Order and work with sentences that tell a true story.  We will be working with Target Vocabulary Words and High-Frequency Words each week.  More information about how I will work with these words.  I am thinking that I will, at least, have a copy of these words with your child each Monday.  More info to follow.  We will have our first little test this Friday.  The best way to help your child is to remind them to pay attention of all we do during our class lessons:).

Also, we will be reading books, at your child’s individual reading levels and taking tests on those books on our computers (Accelerated Reader Program).

This year, we will also be reading eBooks, at your child’s level, and taking a test on our computers.

A note is going home today about our “Book-It” program.

Each day we will have about 30 minutes to quietly read in our classroom.  We will spend our mornings reading and writing, through discussions, buddy talking and working on our own.  We will have 4th grade buddies this year!

Homework:  Each Monday please look in your child homework folder for a weekly letter and homework information for the week.  Usually, there will be a writing assignment that needs to be worked on each evening, and returned to school on Friday.Your child should be reading at least 30 minutes each night.  Thanks!  I think I will attach a monthly calendar homework check for you to initial each night, indicating that your child’s homework assignments were completed.

Math:  We will be doing a math lesson each day, Monday through Thursday and doing some catch-up and Math Games on Friday.  Lessons 1.1-1.4 will be completed this week.  We do not have our Homelinks homework books yet, so I will be sending home a math worksheet each day this week, to be returned the following day.  We have homework in Math, Monday through Thursday.

Science:  Our first Unit is Air and Weather!  Lots of fun activities!  There is a parent letter introducing the unit, that I will send home!

Have a wonderful week!

Jean Clement