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Weekly Overview October 26, 2015

Our Field Trip is this Friday!!!  Your child should bring a large lunch and dress for a farm!!  It might be chilly!!!  If you want to go with us, great!!  I can have as many parents as want to go!!  Thanks!  If you haven’t already, please let me know if you are coming on the field trip!!  Thanks

Also, this Thursday is our Cardboard Challenge at Ray from 4:00-7:00!!

Your child has a form with them today if you would like to buy coffee and/or tea from the PTA!!  please help support our fund-raisers!!  Thanks

Language Arts:  Our focus this week will be on drawing conclusions when we are reading, reading for accuracy, Proper Nouns (what can your child already tell you?), double consonants and ck, and homophones.

Please make sure that your child is reading each night and turning in the reading log each Monday.  your child should be coming home with a pizza hut certificate today!!  Because it is new, if your child only missed one week, they will still get a certificate for the free pizza.  But, from now on, please have your children turn the reading log each Monday!!  Your child should also be writing each night, and turning that assignment in each Friday!  Thanks for your help!

Math:  We will complete lessons 2.4-2.7 this week.  We are exploring double facts, adding to within 20, and will work with dominoes to explore the turn-around rule for addition (subtraction).

Science:  This week we will learn about cloud formations , and we will make parachutes and kites!

Have a great week!

jean Clement

Weekly Overview October 13, 2015

Hi!  Hope everyone had a nice Monday.

Please remember that Candy Sale Orders are due!!  Thanks to the parents who have participated!!!

Our class will be taking an NWEA test on Thursday.

Please return the field trip forms-please turn in the forms and the money together.  Thanks

We hit Tuesday staying VERY busy all day!!!!

Language Arts:  We will focus on  Story Structure, base words and endings of -ed, and -ing, using singular and plural nouns and reading with fluency.  Ask your child what consonant blends we worked with today.  We have started a few literacy groups today and I think we will have fun with them this year!!

Homework:  Your child has their reading log and their writing assignment with them today.

Math:  Your child also has a math Unit 1 study guide with them, to be completed tonight, and returned tomorrow.  We will have our Unit 1 test tomorrow.

We will start Unit 2 on Thursday-the Unit focuses on Fact Strategies-grouping by 10 and solving addition number stories will be our lessons on Thursday and Friday.

Homework:  We get a “homework pass” every day that we take our Unit test, so your child will not have math homework tomorrow night.  Homework Thursday will be lesson 2.1.

Thanks and have a good week.

Jean Clement


Weekly Overview October 5, 2015

A busy week–

-We are starting a school drive to collect clothing for people who need these donations.  Boxes will be places on each floor starting today!  Please have your child bring items in to place in the boxes.  Many Thanks.

-Wednesday is international bike and walk to school day!!  Please participate if you can!!  If not come a bit early and we will have Zumba outside to start our day-8:15!!

-Thursday is Open House-4:30-6:00, then please attend the LSC meeting at 6:00!!  In our room from 4:30-5:00, then go to specials, then 5:30 in the auditorium to hear all school State of the School with Ms. Thole.

-Your children took both the Reach math and language arts assessments last week.  If they were absent one day, we will make those tests up this week.

-Friday is Picture Day!!!

-Please look for the Writing Assignment today that is due Friday and the Reading Log that is on the other side!!  This is handed out each Monday!!  Thanks

Language Arts:  This weeks focus is Cause and Effect within a story.  We will further review Nouns, work on writing a true story, and looking for clues in a story.  Discuss intonation with your child when they are reading.  Thanks.

Homework:  I am not getting all writing assignments in on Friday!!  This year homework is a bigger part of your child’s grade-it is VERY IMPORTANT that homework is turned in!!  More during Open House.

Math:  Lessons 1.8-1.11.  Overviews include working with the quarter (also do at home!!), even and odd numbers, skip-counting, patterns and comparing numbers.

Homework:  We will have worksheets Monday through Wednesday, but Thursday your child will have their first Homelinks homework, that will be due Friday!!  We will have our first Unit Test next Tuesday.

Have a great week!!!

Jean Clement