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Weekly Overview November 9, 2015

Only 3 days of school for students this week!!  No school Wednesday or Friday.

Report card pick up is next Wednesday, November 18th.  I will be outside each morning with a sign up sheet.  The times are noon through 3:00  and 4:00 through 5:50.  If you know a time that is good for you, you can also email me and I will put you in for a ten minute time slot.  thanks

Thanks for the money and permission slips coming in for our November 20th trip to the Field Museum!!

Language Arts:  We will follow the structure of our Lesson 9 this week, but will not get through all the work.  We are also learning and doing many activities around our Native American Unit.

Homework:  There is not an extra writing assignment this week.  Your child should have crossed it off our weekly note.  Your child should be working on their report each night.  They should also be working on or start their diorama.  They have more information on this today.  I have some boxes here if your child needs a cereal box or a shoe box.  Also, your children have seen several examples of dioramas that were completed by students in the past, so ask your child about how they looked.  Thanks!  Have fun!  Your children are learning about many of the Nations-please ask them about the different regions and the different foods, cultures, customs, housing, etc.

Math:  We will compete lessons 2.11 and 2.12 this week and have our Unit 2 test on Thursday.  We will also review for the test tomorrow.

Homework:  Homelinks 2.11 tonight and 2.12 tomorrow, which will be due on Thursday.

Have a great week.

Jean Clement