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Weekly Overview December 14, 2015

We are into our last week in 2015!!

Our class is singing a song in the holiday assembly tomorrow.  The assembly is from 1:45-2:45!  Please come if you can!

Wednesday is Twin Day-dress like a friend.

Wednesday is also the holiday sale-items range from 25 cents to $5.00.  The sale is during lunch.

Thursday is Spirit Day-

Friday is Sports day-

Math:  We are at the end of our Unit 3 in Math.  We will have a Unit 3 test on Wednesday.  We reviewed today and will again tomorrow.  The best way to study is to review the homelinks sheets.  Thanks

Homework:  We will have worksheets today and tomorrow.  No homework on Wednesday (test day) and homework pass on Thursday.

Language Arts:  All students are working in Literacy Groups this week.  We will give presentations Thursday and Friday.  Everyone has leveled reading books that they are using in their group.

We will also be reading Polar Express and seeing the movie Friday afternoon.

Homework:  Your child has a Reading Log for all three weeks (this week and the next two weeks).  Please return all three when they come back!!

Also, the writing assignment is due this Friday.  thanks

Hope everyone has a safe and restful and fun Winter Break!

See everyone back on January 4, 2016!!!

Thanks Jean Clement

Weekly Overview December 7, 2015

I am so sorry to have to start this week with such very sad news.  Miss Jane, our wonderful pre-school teacher here for so many years has passed away.  I did not say anything to your children.  I know some of them know Miss Jane.  So very sad and such a loss for everyone who knew her.

That being said…It’s hard to go on to the weekly overview…

We will read many books this week on Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa,  and many other celebrations that take place around the world.

We will work with Idioms, vowel digraphs of ai, ay, story structure and writing questions in our work.

We are also listening, reading and taking tests on books on our computers-Kids A-Z.  It is set up for your child to be reading books at their levels.  Ask your child about this.

Homework:  Your child has a writing assignment that is due Friday.  The Reading Log is due next Monday.  I am not getting homework returned consistently from a good number of students-please work with your child to get this homework in on time.  Thanks

Math:  We will complete lessons 3.8 through 3.11 this week.  Lessons will include What’s my Rule, Using doubles to subtract (ask your child about subtracting problems like 90-45 and how they can do this), and more subtraction strategies.

We are also working in ST Math about once a week.  Our computerize math program which takes students through the lessons at their pace.

Homelinks 3.8-3.11 this week.

We are also learning Chess during some of our math time.  I hope that you have heard about this.  Ask your child what they have learned so far.

Have a safe week.

Jean Clement