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Weekly Overview March 28, 2016

Ray Festival is just around the corner on April 7.  I would like our classroom to run two booths, but I will need parents to volunteer to run them.  Maybe two, one or two hour shifts.  If you can work during the festival, please let me know.  Thanks

Our field trip is this Thursday.  I have many parents, coming, which is great!  Thanks.

Your child should bring a lunch on Thursday.

We will not start a new Language arts lesson this week.  We will review and take a short end of unit grammar and reading test each day.  We are reviewing all our vocabulary this week.

In math we are adding three and more numbers at a time.  We are adding two digit numbers.  Practice these skills at home if your child needs the extra practice.  Thanks.

Have a good week.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview March 14, 2016

Hello!  Hope everyone received your child’s mid-term report.  Please review.  This should give you an idea of how your child is doing.  Thanks

The PTA next meeting is this Thursday.  We are asking students to come and recite some poetry by female poets.  If your child can come,  and wants to read or have a poem memorized, please write and let me know.  Thanks  Please join us for the PTA meeting!

Language Arts:  This week we will focus on Reading with accuracy: self-correction; Idioms; Homophones, endings of -er, -est and -ly; Understanding Characters and the strategy of asking Questions.  A busy week!

Homework was given today for the writing assignment that is due Friday.  Your child also has a new reading log, that is due next Monday.

Math:  We are working on several strategies for subtracting 2-digit numbers.  If your child needs the extra practice, please do extra problems each night!!  We will do some measuring (inches and centimeters)  and working with shapes, and working with Arrays (note will be in the 6.10 homework.  This gets kids ready to think more about multiplication.

Science:  We have been working with balance, and now we will move on to motion.  We have a few fun experimental activities planned for this week!  Our language arts story has a fun Kite story that I will also try and get to this week!!

Social Studies:  We are working on some mapping skills.  North, South, East and West and looking at North American and the United States.  Ask you child what we have been doing!

Have a good week!

Jean Clement