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Weekly Overview April 4, 2016

Festival is this Thursday!!  It’s from 5:00-7:00!!  Please come, it will be lots of fun!!

I would like three more parents to each work a one (or two) hour shift at the festival if you can.  I have one parent working from 5:00-6:00!!!  Please email on the cps Ray site or send a note in!!!  Thanks!!

No school on Friday.  Professional Development Day.

Language Arts:  We are working on Cause and Effect, prefixes, the verbs: come, came; did, do, and done; we are working with words that have a silent consonant (knock, lamb, etc.)

Math:  We are using measurement in measuring with cm., meters, inches, and yards.  Practice at home if needed!!We are also working with subtracting two digit numbers.  Please practice extra at home.  We want this skill to become quite easy for our second graders!!  Thanks

Hope to see everyone this Thursday and let me know if you can work that evening.  Thanks

Jean Clement