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End of Year

Thank you everyone for helping room 215 have a wonderful school year!  Everyone received their end of year packet, with their letter and worksheets to complete!!  Keep their journal going, enjoy all the suggestions for their Writer’s Notebook and complete math worksheets and continue to use these as a guide to do other work like them.

Also please to go ST Math, Raz-Kids and Star Fall on the internet for further work to prepare for third grade.  Their are many web sites to go to.  Put in third grade work and look at what works for your child.

Have a wonderful summer, and remember, if your child has work to return to me that they did over the summer, I will have an extra book for them in the fall!!  Keep up on the reading log, too!!!

Enjoy your summer and I will truly miss your children!!


Jean Clement

June 12 to 20

Dear Families,

As we approach the last day a few things you should note:

Tuesday June 20th is picnic day.  Please do not send in things that if lost or broken would be missed.  Please send a blanket or beach towel to sit on outside.  Send plenty to drink, snack etc. Parents are welcome to attend.  We will be half day outside and half day in watching a movie.

Math home assignments will continue through Thursday June 15th.

The following are summer suggestions.  If you would like a packet of work for your child for summer work please let Ms. Sheridan know, otherwise we will not be making those copies this year.  PLEASE NOTE:  if your child is not reading everyday this summer they lose important reading development time.  Research shows months can be lost.  Help us to close the “achievement gap” by insisting that your child read every day.

Please, please, please be sure your child has a water bottle to keep on their desk (sports lids only please)

Summer suggestions:
Read everyday.
Login to  Raz-kids and continue your online learning.
Visit the Chicago Public Library, and at least 2 museums.
Practice your math with
Write every week.
If you need some ideas for get started, try these:
I feel happy when. . .
My favorite thing to do is. . .
On weekends I like to . . .
I was really embarrassed when . . .
My best friend and I . . .
When I get grouchy . . .
I wish my parents . . .
If I had three wishes…

Have a safe and fun summer!!!

June 5 to 9

Thanks to all of the parents for helping make our trip to the forest preserve a success!

Please send in a snack for the class

Field Day for second grade is scheduled for Thursday.  Students are encouraged to wear Ray swag during field days


Home assignments:

Reading Submit the book report each Friday
Math sheet–Mon through Thurs
eight, near, once, paper, seven, upon, wash, who, woman, yourt

Writing Application

Please take these last few weeks to complete any and ALL incomplete writing application choices from the year.  All past topics can all be found on the Ray School Website under second grade teacher’s blog.  Please do your best to emphasize the writing process (Plan, draft, revise, edit and submit) as you make these assignments up.  Submit them as they are completed.