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Weekly Overview September 25, 2017

Good Morning and hope all had a good weekend!

-Thanks for snacks coming in, but we could use some more this week!

-Remember every Wednesday is Spirit Day-have your child wear green and white!

-Just a reminder, that my email address is or you can always call the office or write a note if you need to get in touch with me!

Language Arts- Again this week, and for the next several weeks, we will be working on asking and answering questions using who, where, how, what, why and when.  We will include discussions on Author’s Purpose in writing and working on grammar in writing statements and questions.

Homework:  Your child will have their homework sheet today, that is due this Thursday.  Thanks

Math:  Hope your child mentioned that we are working with calculators to add numbers up to 100!  We will continue with this all week.  We will again work with quarters.  Please review at home, too.  A good thing to do is get a bowl of coins and have your child grab some and count how much change they picked up!  This will really help in their counting coins.  We will also be doing this in the classroom.  Your children will skip count on number grids and see patterns in their counting. (count by 3;s, 4’s , etc.)

Homework:  Homelinks has been ordered and we will probably start them next week.  Your child will have another Math Facts packet to work on this week.  It is due Friday.  The idea is to get these facts down with really just knowing them.  Thanks for your help!

Science:  We have started our unit on Solids and Liquids.  What can your child tell you that they have learned.  We are discussing properties of solids and grouping solids.

Social Studies:  We are still working with our community unit and working with our new second step unit that has us thinking about how we work together as a group.

Thanks for all your help!  Have a great week!

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 18, 2017

Happy third week of second grade!  Looking forward to a fun and productive week.

Thanks for the snacks coming in!!

$85.00 class fee is due when you can turn it in.  Thanks

Please remember that every Wednesday is Ray Spirit Day!  Your child should wear their green and white!  Also, because Wednesday and Friday are gym and health days, easy days to remember to wear green and white!

Language Arts:  This month we will be working on your child asking and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.  Work on at home!

Also this week we will be working on compare and contrast in a story, writing complete sentences and writing a friendly letter.  We will also be talking and learning about prediction and inferences in stories.  Ask these kinds of questions when your child is reading at home.  Thanks

Homework:  We will start using a Reading Log this week.  Your child will have this in their Homework Folder and should just always keep it in their folder.  Help you child with the routine.  They (or you) should date it, circle Home, write the Title of the book and the minutes read, and check off the Finished It! box if/when the book was finished.  I will staple about 10 sheets together, and your child will get a new Reading Log packet when this current one is completed.  Thanks for all your help in this-it is their most important homework:)!!

Math:  Lessons this week include working on our number scrolls, counting coins, number grid puzzles, equivalent names for numbers (50 +20=70, 75-5=70, etc.), working with two cards to make 100.

Homework:  The Everyday Math homework does not start until the end of Unit 1, sometime next week, so I will be sending home Math Fact Practice sheets this week.  I will send home a packet today and it is due Friday.  Thanks.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for your help in these beginning weeks!!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 11, 2017

Good morning the second week of 2nd Grade!!  We had a fun, active first week of learning about each other and getting to know 2nd grade.

Please come to our Open House this Thursday from 4:00-6:00 if you can!!!

We have been getting to know routines and schedules during our first 4 days.  I hope your child is feeling comfortable and organized in the room.

Your child should have their Homework Folder with them each day when they come home.  Please get in the habit of checking this each day for homework and notes.   Remind your child that they should take it out of their backpack each morning when they come to school and they put it in their Seat Sack.  Thanks

Please remember to pay the $85.00 classroom fee.

Please bring in snack for the classroom.  We all eat the same snack each day.  We need enough for 25 students.  Thanks for the snacks that have already come in!!

We now have a water filter drinking fountain station outside the cafeteria, so please have your child bring in a reusable water bottle and they can fill it up every day during lunch!!!  Thanks PTO!!!!


Language Arts:  We have been focusing on community building and reading books and completing activities around that theme.  We will also continue this through this week.  I have started a chapter book Zeely by Virginia Hamilton.

Social Studies:  Language Arts and social studies, during these first few weeks will be focusing on our Community, what that means to us and how we all work together.  We have a new program titled second step that focuses on Skills for Social and Academic Success.

Homework:  Your child will have a parent letter introducing you to second step and they will also have a Homework worksheet from the program this is due this Wednesday.  This will give you two nights to help your child complete it.

Your child will also be getting a Reading Log this week to help them keep track of their reading at home.  You should record, with your child, each night what they have read and how many minutes they read.


Math:  We are using Everyday Math and are working on putting in place routines in our classroom-weather charts, days in school, calendar, job duties, etc.  We will continue these beginning of year routines and will also work with money, number scrolls,  and number grid puzzles.

Homework:  Will start tomorrow and we will have homework usually Monday through Thursday in Math.

Science:  Our first unit will be Solids and Liquids.  A note will go home on Wednesday introducing you to the unit.  We will also start our unit on Wednesday.  We even had a lava lamp brought in last week-a great segway into our solid and liguid unit!!!:)

I am looking forward to a new week working with your children!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

First week of 2nd grade!!

Dear Parents,

Just wanting to let you know that I think the first week was wonderful!  Hope your child felt the same.

I will try and update this Blog each Monday morning, during the first hour!

Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday!

Thanks for all your help so far.

Jean Clement