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Weekly Overview December 11, 2017

Ray has a fun week planned for all students!!

Monday-Crazy color day

Tuesday -Pajama/stuffed animal day

Wednesday-Logo day or educational wear day

Thursday-Fun sweater day

Friday-Twin or jean day

Have fun!!!

Snacks are still needed!!  Thanks

STEM night is tomorrow from 5-6:30!  Come and have science fun!!!

Our class will be sing a song, along with the other second grade classes in our winter assembly this year!  We will be singing Feliz Navidad.  I will also send the words home to practice.  The assembly is next Friday, December 22, 2017.

Also this week…we will be taking the NWEA tests.  Probably Monday, Tuesday, and make-up Wednesday.  We have a room full of smart, wonderful second-graders, who, I am sure, will do their best:)!!

Language Arts:  We will continue to work in non-fiction books.  We will continue to focus on Main Ideas and details.  Discuss at home with their readings.  Thanks for your help.  Can they name the main idea and give you at least two details?  Can they think of a self-connection to the book they are reading?  We are also working on writing in complete, and well-structured sentences and questions.  Thanks for your help in this!!

Homework:  Your child will have a writing assignment with them today, that is due on Thursday.  As always, your child should be reading each evening.  Are they recording in their Reading Log?

Math:  We are working in Unit 4 on reading an analog clock and telling time to the 5-minute mark.  Did you see their A.M. through P.M. time frame of their day?  Hope so!!  We will be working on Place Value, even and odd numbers, comparing numbers, using base-10 blocks to show a number and continuing to work on our number facts!!  Are you practicing at home?  Thanks!!

Homework:  Homelinks Monday through Thursday.

We will have some activities around many different ways, and how different cultures celebrate holiday traditions.  A learning experience for all!!

Have a great week!  Thanks for all you do!


Jean Clement

Weekly Overview December 4, 2017

It’s December and we have a fun and busy month ahead of us!!

We need snacks!!  Your students thank you!!

Math:  We will finish up our Unit 3 Assessment today and move on to Unit 4 starting tomorrow!  This week, we will cover clocks and telling time, telling time to the nearest 5 minutes (practice at home!!), A.M. and P.M..  Unit 4 is Place Value and Measurement!

Homework:  No math homework tonight, because of our assessment today, but I will give your child a math packet that they can just do at home when you want them to.  Math facts packet:).  Homelinks Tuesday through Thursday, and look for the Unit 4 parent letter tomorrow.

Language Arts:  We will work in guided reading groups all week, our focus is still non-fiction/informational text.  We will be discussing main idea and details to support the main idea.  Ask your child about this skill when doing their reading at home.

Homework:  This week your child will write their own story.  Maybe discuss with them an animal story-we have been reading about animals and habitats in the classroom-but, really whatever they want.  Thanks for your help!

Social Studies:  We will work in our second step program this week,  discussing empathy.  We will do a lesson that focuses on land formations and weather.

Science:  Still working on Solids and liquids.  We will explore physical changes when mixing solids and liquids.  We will also do a fun little activity with The weird and Wonderful Octopus!

Again, thanks for all your help in having your child have a successful week!


Jean Clement