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Weekly Overview January 29, 2018

Wow-Can’t believe how January flew by for me in the classroom!

A reminder that this Thursday is Raise your Glass!!!

Also, no school for students this Friday-it’s a professional development day.

Thanks for the few snacks coming in, but still need more-we try and have snack every day!!  Many thanks!!!

***Tonight, your child will have a packet about their Black History Month project.  Please help them decide who they want to do their project on, they should write the name on the last (back) sheet, you should sign, so I know  you are aware of this, and return the packet.  We will note who you and your child choose, then the whole packet will go home again!  You will keep and use as a helpful guide:).  The written assignment and poster is due February 16th.  You and your child have three weeks to work on it!!  Do about a paragraph or two a week and that will spread the research and project out nicely!!  I will also be sending home a guideline for the presentation soon.  Each child will have a few minute talk about their project.  Take a few days to think about it with your child and return by this Wednesday.

Have fun and thanks!!  These will all be displayed for our Gallery walk on February 21st, a Wednesday.

Language Arts:  We will be spending this week on reading and writing about African-Americans we should know and why we should know them.

Homework:  We will not have the typical writing assignment that is due each Thursday.  Just work on the Black History Month Project.  You can have your child bring in, each Thursday, what they have work on so far, if you/your child would like.

Math:  We will complete lessons 5.7 through 5.10 this week.  These lessons focus on subtraction, counting up and down on a number line and number stories.

Homework:  Your child will have Homelinks Monday through Wednesday.  On Thursday, I will give your child a number facts packet that they can work Thursday evening or Friday.  It does not need to be returned.  Thanks

Social Studies:  We will focus on Black History Month and do some research on People we should know and your child will have time to do some research and take what they learn home, to incorporate into their project.

Science:  We will work with soil, sand and silt and see how size influences the path of water.

Have a nice week!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview January 22, 2018

Please join us at Raise Your Glass-our next fund-raiser next Thursday!!  Detail on Ray School E News!!

We have two new snacks today!!  Many, many thanks and please bring in a snack for 25 students if you have not done so in a while. Thanks!!

Black History Assembly is February 21st-see social studies below!!

Language Arts:  We have just finished our Guided Reading Assessments again.  Please ask your child their reading level and what they enjoy to read!  Please remember, that your child should be reading at home each night!!  Thanks and enjoy!

Homework:  Your child has a book report that is due this Thursday, just to change it up a bit.  It can be written about the whole book, or just a chapter that your child is on.  Have fun with it and help your child to turn it in this Thursday.

Math:  Lessons 5.3 through 5.6 will be completed this week.  We are focusing on money, making change, and counting up from, say, 38 cents, to 75 cents.  Help your child with this at home.  Some kids really have it, others are still needing extra practice.  Thanks for your help!!

Homelinks:  Monday through Thursday, 5.3-5.6

Science:  We have started our Unit on Land and Water!  What can your child tell you about land forms?

Social Studies:  Our Black History Month Gallery walk will be on Wednesday, February 21st this year!!  Your child will have a person that they will do a report on at home and turn it in by Friday, February 16th.  I will give the rubric out this week and this will be their language arts homework for the next several weeks.  This will give you plenty of time!!


Have a nice week,

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview January 16, 2018

Hope everyone had a good Martin Luther King Day.  I hope your children showed you the poems we read together about Dreams by Langston Hughes and talked about the stories that we read.

Our Black History Month Assembly will be Wednesday February 21st.  More information to come.  But, your child will work on a project for display for the month of February.  I will be sending the information home next week.

We need more snacks!!  Thanks!!

Please welcome Ms. Mo to our room for the next few Mondays.  She will be doing some observations and will teach a lesson or two.  A note is going home today for you to sign in allowing your child to participate in this.  Thanks

*Please always remember to have your child wear their Green every Wednesday and gym shoes every Friday!!!

Language Arts:  We will continue our non-fiction focus through the month of January.  I am seeing your children choose to read many non-fiction books!!!  We are discussing how to figure out the meaning of a word by using the text that it is in!!

Homework:  Is your child reading each night?  Thanks!!

Your child has a writing assignment that should be worked on each night, and turned in this Thursday.  Thanks for your help.  Remember to edit the work with your child.

Math:  Today we will review work from previous units.  They will be bringing their Math Journal 1 home this week and we will start in their new Math Journal 2 tomorrow.

Unit 5 is all about addition and subtraction!  This week we will be working with coins, working with calculators, and adding and subtracting up to 3-digit numbers!!  Please work with counting coins at home!!

Homework:  Addition, subtraction, and multiplication sheets will go home today-they do not need to be returned-work on at home.

Tuesday-Thursday- Homelinks 5.1-5.3.  As always, due the next day.

Science:  We will be starting a new unit this week-Land and Water and discussion will be around landscapes and how we and nature influence them (wow-pretty relevant now:(  ).

Social Science:  We will tie our lessons into science in discussions around landscapes and recycling.  We will also continue our step 2 with lessons on emotion management.  I also hope that you have heard about our Calm Classroom activities!!

Have a great week.  I am looking forward to our days together this week!!!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview January 8, 2018

Welcome to 2018!!  Hope everyone had a fun-filled two weeks of family time!!!  I’m excited to be back!!

Language Arts:  We will continue to work with non-fiction for the rest of this month.  The older grades will participate in the Ray School spelling bee this week, so we will have our own, non-competitive version in our room this week-just working on vocabulary and spelling!!

Homework:  They have a writing assignment that is due Thursday.  I am going to talk with them about academic goals that they could write about, but whatever works for your child is fine.   Due Thursday.

Math:    We will work in Unit 4 covering The Inch, The Centimeter, and perimeter and area and have  our Unit 4 assessment on Friday.

Homelinks:  Monday through Wednesday, with a review sent home for Thursday homework.

Science:  We will wrap up our Science Unit on Solids and Liquids this week by investigating changes that happen (or not) when mixing some liquids and solids.

Social Studies:  We will continue to work with our Second Step Community building Lessons and beginning a Unit on Using Our Resources.

Have a great week!


Jean Clement