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Weekly Overview March 19, 2018

We have some fun things planned for this last week before Spring Break!!

Please help your child remember to wear Green on Wednesday!!!

Math:  Today we will complete Unit 7 in math!!  We will review counting, measurement,using information in a chart and finding a target number.

We will have our Unit 7 test tomorrow.

Homework:  Practice Unit 7 test for tonight.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, no homework-test day.  I will then give them a worksheet both Wednesday and Thursday for homework-no homelinks this week.

Language Arts:  We are reading and learning about Women We Should Know this week.  We are mainly focusing on scientist.  Who can your child tell you about?  We are also going to practice the 300 most common English Words this week.

Homework:  Your child has a worksheet-book report with a Coat of Arms about a character in the book, due Thursday.Thanks

Social Students:  We continue with our 2nd step program, calm classroom curriculum and learning about Women we should Celebrate!!

Science:  We will finish our work with TarPul, erosion and engineering this week.  We will move on to Plants and Insects when we come back.

Have a great Spring Break!!!  Thanks for all that you do to help make this year the best that it can be!!  Thanks

Sincerely, Jean Clement


Weekly Overview March 12, 2018

Good Morning and hope you had a nice weekend.

Thanks for snacks coming in!!  We can always use more!  You should have your child’s mid-term report.  Please review with your child and make an appointment to see me if I indicated it or if you would like one.  Thanks

Supplies:  We are running low on tissue paper (Kleenex), crayons, markers, and colored pencils.  If you are able, please bring extras in!!  Thanks

Remember Logo day is Wednesday-wear green!!  I also have a few logo shirts left in my room-$10.00!!

And let’s all wear green on Friday!!!

Language Arts:   We will continue to focus on stories about Women we Should Know.  Ask your children what they have learned!!  This week we will focus on a story about Helen Keller.  In all our readings, we will discuss main ideas and details.  We will also work on summarizing and inference.

Homework:  Your child will have a writing assignment that is due Thursday.  Please encourage them to write about a woman that we should know about.  Due Thursday.  Please remember that your child should be reading at least 30 minutes each night!!  I know they all love to read:)!, so this is basically a given at this point!!  Many thanks!!

Math:  We will complete lessons 7.5 through 7.8.  These lessons focus on measurement.  We will work with inches and yards and centimeters, decimeters, and meters.  Practice at home!!  We are also going to graph our information and measurements and look at our data.  Your child should be adding and subtracting up to 4-digit numbers!!  Practice at home!

Homelinks:  7.5-7.8, Monday through Thursday.

Science:  We will use our TarPuls this week and see how we are at our engineering skills.  How strong was your child’s TarPul?  How did they know how to strength it?  By Thursday ask them these questions!!  Thanks!

To help welcome in March 17th and Spring-we will also do some planting this week!!

Social Studies:  We are reading and writing and learning about Women We Should Celebrate all week!!  Ask your child what they are doing!!

As always, thanks for all of your help in making this year be so successful!!

Have a great week!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview March 5, 2018

What wonderful work we saw and showed during Black History Month!!  Hope we all learned about new people and lessons!!

March is Woman’s Month.  We will be keeping track of woman writers, illustrators, people we should know, etc and focus on Women how have made a difference in the world!!

Language Arts:  Focus on women and what we should know and learn!!  We will focus on comprehension when we read and inference and prediction in stories.

Homework:  I will give the same sheet for writing homework, but encourage your child to write about any WOMAN they want:).

The writing assignment is due this Thursday.

Math:  Unit 6 is completed, and we will start Unit 7 today.  Unit 6 assessment had two parts.  Please review your child’s work and help them at home where you see it is needed.  Thanks for your help!!

Unit 7 is 2-, 3-digit addition and subtraction!  Practice at home!!  We will also be working on measurement and data.

Homelinks:  Lessons 7.1-7.4 this week.  Also, Unit 7 family letter will be going home today, along with the homelinks.

Social Studies:  Our focus will be on learning about Women we should know.  We are also working with maps and geography-learning physical locations of our world!!

Science:  What can your child tell you about geoengineering?  What do they know about structures and supports when planning on building or using the ground for support?