Weekly Overview October 2, 2017

Already October!!

A few Reminders:

-$85.00 classroom fee

-Thanks for the snacks, but we still need them coming in!!  Thanks

-Taffy Apple Sale!!  Please try and participate-if only buying an item or two!!  Orders due October 13th and pick up October 23-27!  Thanks for your help in supporting our school!!!

Language Arts:  This weeks lessons will include still asking and answering questions, What is a noun? and Cause and Effect in our stories.  We will also start to introduce Folktales and Fables!!

We will be writing in our Journals and in our Writer’s Notebooks!  Ask your child about these.

Homework:  The homework sheet is in your child’s homework folder.  The sheet is due Thursday.  Thanks!!

Math:  We will be comparing numbers, using the larger than, less than, and equal  signs. We will be working with numbers in the 10,00s!!    We will be counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s, and exploring Areas of objects.

Homework:  Our homelinks homework books have not arrived yet, so your child will have fact sheets again, due Friday!  Your children are getting so much faster (better) at just knowing these facts!  I big step/goal for second grade!  Thanks for your help.

Science:  We are working in our solids and liquids and comparing properties.  We built a structure (tower) last week.  What did your child tell you?  You could get some Objects and see how high a tower your child could build at home!!

Social Science:  We are discussing different communities and how we all work together in so many ways.  (So needed in this day and age).  Thanks for your input-your children are wonderful!!

Have a great week and I am really enjoying your children.  We are reading, writing, and working with numbers each day!!  Your child should feel pushed, but not stressed:)!!  Please let me know about anything if you see any need!!!

Thanks for all you do.

Jean Clement

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