Weekly Overview October 23, 2017

Good Morning.  Looking forward to a busy, fun week!

Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY!!!!  Your child has their envelope if you want pictures!!

We will be going on our field trip next Tuesday, October 31st.  We will be outside, at the farm, so please make sure that your child dresses for the farm and the weather!  Have your child bring a lunch, and they can just keep it in their backpack and take their backpack on the bus!  Thanks.  We can have as many parents as can go, so if you can go and have not let me know, please let me know and come if you can!!

Thanks for the snacks coming in!!


Language Arts:  We will be covering different Native American regions of the United States and their different cultures over the next 4 or 5 weeks.  We started with The People of the Plains last week, and will start the Eastern Woodlands later this week.

We will also continue to read fables and folktales and talk about lessons/morals from these stories.

Your child is writing in their Journal each week in class.  Ask them what they are writing about.  Ask them the difference between this and their Writer’s Notebook!!  I can already see gains in their writing, penmanship, and sentence structure!

Homework:  Your child will have their writing assignment today, that is due Thursday.  They should also be reading each night, and please work with them about filling out their reading log!  It’s a nice way to talk with them about what they are reading and why!

Math:  Today’s lesson is on subtraction.   We will then have lessons of odd and even numbers, patterns and shapes, and reviewing our work with Math Boxes toward the end of the week.  Does the turn around rule work in subtraction? (Yes)!!! We will have our Unit 2 review assessment next Wednesday.

Social Studies:  We will be learning about the different Native American cultures through November.  We are also talking about and will complete some lessons about our government and how it is structured.

Science:  We are still working in our Liquids and Solids unit.  We will be discussing and investigating how solids come in all shapes and sizes.

Have a great week!!!

Jean Clement

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