Weekly Overview November 27, 2017

I hope everyone had a family-filled long weekend!

Picture retake day is tomorrow!!

Please sign the form for Robocall and return to me or to the office!  We need all forms!!  Thanks

We are pretty much out of snacks, so please bring in enough for 25 students if you can!  Thanks

Our next field trip is to go to hear The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, so please return the form if you have not done so!  Thanks very much-it is due!!  I am so excited that we get to go to this!!

Remember Spirit Day is every Wednesday;  green and white should be worn!!!

Math:  Your children are loving multiplication!!  We are also working on subtraction and getting to know our addition facts quickly!!  Practice at home!

This week we will work on subtraction from 20 for the next two days, we will work with coins,, explore the rectangle, and have a unit 3 review on Thursday.  Our Unit 3 will be this Friday.

Homework:  Homelinks 3.9-3.11- Monday through Wednesday, then Unit 3 study sheet Thursday evening.

Language Arts:  This weeks story is Animal Building Homes.  We are working on non-fiction this week and our focus is comprehension-using the text and graphic features to help our comprehension.

Homework:  Your child will have their writing assignment with them today.  It is due Thursday.

Social Studies:  I am hoping to finish up our Native American unit this week!!

Science:  We have a few more lessons in our Solids and Liquids Unit, then we will do a fun, little lesson on the octopus on Thursday.

Have a wonderful week!  As always, thanks for your help!!

Jean Clement


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