Weekly Overview December 4, 2017

It’s December and we have a fun and busy month ahead of us!!

We need snacks!!  Your students thank you!!

Math:  We will finish up our Unit 3 Assessment today and move on to Unit 4 starting tomorrow!  This week, we will cover clocks and telling time, telling time to the nearest 5 minutes (practice at home!!), A.M. and P.M..  Unit 4 is Place Value and Measurement!

Homework:  No math homework tonight, because of our assessment today, but I will give your child a math packet that they can just do at home when you want them to.  Math facts packet:).  Homelinks Tuesday through Thursday, and look for the Unit 4 parent letter tomorrow.

Language Arts:  We will work in guided reading groups all week, our focus is still non-fiction/informational text.  We will be discussing main idea and details to support the main idea.  Ask your child about this skill when doing their reading at home.

Homework:  This week your child will write their own story.  Maybe discuss with them an animal story-we have been reading about animals and habitats in the classroom-but, really whatever they want.  Thanks for your help!

Social Studies:  We will work in our second step program this week,  discussing empathy.  We will do a lesson that focuses on land formations and weather.

Science:  Still working on Solids and liquids.  We will explore physical changes when mixing solids and liquids.  We will also do a fun little activity with The weird and Wonderful Octopus!

Again, thanks for all your help in having your child have a successful week!


Jean Clement


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