Weekly Overview January 22, 2018

Please join us at Raise Your Glass-our next fund-raiser next Thursday!!  Detail on Ray School E News!!

We have two new snacks today!!  Many, many thanks and please bring in a snack for 25 students if you have not done so in a while. Thanks!!

Black History Assembly is February 21st-see social studies below!!

Language Arts:  We have just finished our Guided Reading Assessments again.  Please ask your child their reading level and what they enjoy to read!  Please remember, that your child should be reading at home each night!!  Thanks and enjoy!

Homework:  Your child has a book report that is due this Thursday, just to change it up a bit.  It can be written about the whole book, or just a chapter that your child is on.  Have fun with it and help your child to turn it in this Thursday.

Math:  Lessons 5.3 through 5.6 will be completed this week.  We are focusing on money, making change, and counting up from, say, 38 cents, to 75 cents.  Help your child with this at home.  Some kids really have it, others are still needing extra practice.  Thanks for your help!!

Homelinks:  Monday through Thursday, 5.3-5.6

Science:  We have started our Unit on Land and Water!  What can your child tell you about land forms?

Social Studies:  Our Black History Month Gallery walk will be on Wednesday, February 21st this year!!  Your child will have a person that they will do a report on at home and turn it in by Friday, February 16th.  I will give the rubric out this week and this will be their language arts homework for the next several weeks.  This will give you plenty of time!!


Have a nice week,

Jean Clement

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