Weekly Overview February 5, 2018

Happy Monday everyone!!

Thanks for the snacks coming in-we go through 5 snacks each week!!

Some parents have asked me about supplies.  We could use more colored pencils and markers!!  Thanks for bringing extras in, if you are able!!  Tissues (Kleenex) is also needed.  Thanks

The second semester is over and we are on to the second half of second grade!!  So excited!!  Report cards go home this week.  Please schedule an appointment with me if I have requested it!!  Thanks so much!  It is so fun working with smart, great students!!

Language Arts:  It is Black History Month and we will be focusing a lot of our reading, writing, and social studies work on African-Americans that we should know and the history behind our country.  We will also be talking about contractions and ordinal numbers this week.  Practice at home!!  Thanks

I hope you got your child’s “old” name tag.  Please use it as a guide to practice all words and information on it!  Thanks

Homework:  Each night your child should do some work on the African-American Project.  Please guide them in learning more about the person that they have chosen.  They should complete one to two paragraphs each week.  The final due date is February 16th.  Thanks for all your help in this.  I will also give the kids time in class to do some research, and ask your child about this at home.  They should have taken notes when we do this in class, so this can also be added to their report.

As always, please make sure that your child is reading each night.

Math:  We will finish lesson 5.10-working with money and counting and adding.  We will go on to lesson 5.11 and 5.12, then we will have our Unit Test 5 this Thursday.    A review will come home Wednesday night for practice.  We will be working on adding two-digit numbers this week.  We will focus on two different strategies.  Practice these at home.

Look for your child’s  Math Journal 1 coming home this week and complete any pages with your child that we did not get to or that you think your child needs extra practice on.  Thanks

Homework:  5.10 and 5.11-Monday and Tuesday.  Then, a practice test will go home on Wednesday for homework-please return on Thursday.  Thanks

Social Studies: We will read, write, and focus on Black History Month people and events.

Science:  We are reading about a true story that took place in Nepal that involves engineering and the need to cross a river.  Everyone seems really to be enjoying and learning.  Ask your children about this story.  We will also, this week, experiment with different land forms and erosion.

Have a great week!  Thanks for all that you do.  We have a wonderful class, we are all learning, and we couldn’t do it without parent involvement!!  Thank you very much!!

Sincerely, Jean Clement



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