Weekly Overview February 12, 2018

Hope everyone had a fun snow day!  I sure remember as a kid, how fun that was!!

Please remember that the Black History Month Projects are due this Friday!  Hope it is going well!  Your child should have, at least, 2 or 3 paragraphs written at this point!!  The whole report can be presented on a poster, or as a written research paper-whatever works for you!

The Gallery walk is Wednesday, February 21st!!  There is a grandma dessert competition!  A second flyer is going home today!

Your child’s report card is going home today.  Please schedule an appointment if you would like one, or if I have requested one.  You can email me, or write me a note and I will get back to you.

There is also a canned food drive going on this week!  Please have your child bring non-perishable items in if you can:)

We are in need of snacks again!!  Actually, I should say that we are out of snacks:(

Language Arts:  Your children will start to present their projects as soon as they start to come in.  I will send home a “Talk Rubric” to help organize their 2-3 minute presentation.  Thanks for your help in this!!  Your child will sign up for their talk when they bring their project in.  Thanks

We will continue to read about and discuss African-American people we should know all week.  Our reading will focus around these stories.

Homework:  Your child should work on their project each night and turn it in no later than this Friday.  Thanks

Your child should also be reading 20-30 minutes each night.  Please help your child with this, if needed.

Math:  Your child took their Unit 5 assessment last week.  I will get them to you sometime this week.  We will begin Unit 6 today.  The unit focused on writing and answering number stories.  We will also work on solving 2-digit addition problems.  Practice these as home if you see that your child does not have this secured.  Thanks.  We will practice in class.  We will also be working at bar graphs.  We will complete lessons 6.1-6.4 this week.

Homelinks:  6.1-6.4- Monday through Thursday.

Social Studies:  Our focus is on Black History Month.  We are also working our way through second-step, our building classroom community program.

Science:  Can your child show you where Nepal is on a map?  Can they explain what is happening in a village there?  What is a TarPul and what are we learning about erosion?


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