Weekly Overview February 20, 2018

We have received so many wonderful Black History projects!  Your child has signed up for their day to present their project!  They also went home with a guide to help direct their talk.  Hope it was helpful.

Tomorrow is our Black History Month Assembly.   The program is tomorrow night!  Come and see our displays!!

Language Arts:  This week we will continue to read and write about our Black History Month projects.

Homework:  Your child will have a writing assignment that is due FRIDAY!!!  They should write two or three facts that they learned about their African-American person and one question that they still have.  They can illustrate their work.

Math:  Lessons 6.4-6.6 this week.  We are reading and working n number stories (2-digit addition and subtraction).  We are recording some of our information in graphs.

Homelinks:  6.4 through 6.6 Tuesday through Thursday.

Social Studies:  All week we will be listening to students give their report on their person.  Your child signed up and knows what day they will give their report.

Science:  I will try and finish our story on Nepal and Tarpuls and we will have an erosion lesson Thursday afternoon.

Have a nice week and thanks for your help.


Jean Clement



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