Weekly Overview February 26, 2018

Can’t believe it is almost March!  We had a really busy and fun February!  Even though African-American History Month is coming to an end, the spirit of the lessons will continue on throughout the year!  Everyone did a really nice job in giving their reports!  Thanks for all of your help!!  I saw a lot of learning going on!!  And…proud students!

Thanks for the snacks coming in!  Please keep them coming in!  Thanks

Language Arts:  This week our focus will be on pronouns, words ending in -ed, and -ing, story structure and infer/predict.  Inferring  and predicting can be challenging for 2nd grade.  Practice at home when your child is reading!!

Homework:  Your child will have a writing assignment that is due this Thursday.  Your child should also be reading each night for at least 30 minutes!!

Math:  We will cover lessons 6.7-6.10 this week.  We will have a practice assessment going home on Thursday and an Unit 6 assessment on Friday.  We are adding and subtracting using a variety of strategies.  Please review these at home with your child.

Homelinks:  Homelinks Monday through Thursday, please a unit review also on Thursday.

Social Studies:  We will continue through this week reading and writing about people we should know who have contributed to our society.

In March we will start some projects about Women’s History and their contributions to the world.

Science:  What can your child tell you about erosion and stability in the ground.

Have a great week.  Thanks for all that you do.

Sincerely, Jean Clement

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