Weekly Overview March 5, 2018

What wonderful work we saw and showed during Black History Month!!  Hope we all learned about new people and lessons!!

March is Woman’s Month.  We will be keeping track of woman writers, illustrators, people we should know, etc and focus on Women how have made a difference in the world!!

Language Arts:  Focus on women and what we should know and learn!!  We will focus on comprehension when we read and inference and prediction in stories.

Homework:  I will give the same sheet for writing homework, but encourage your child to write about any WOMAN they want:).

The writing assignment is due this Thursday.

Math:  Unit 6 is completed, and we will start Unit 7 today.  Unit 6 assessment had two parts.  Please review your child’s work and help them at home where you see it is needed.  Thanks for your help!!

Unit 7 is 2-, 3-digit addition and subtraction!  Practice at home!!  We will also be working on measurement and data.

Homelinks:  Lessons 7.1-7.4 this week.  Also, Unit 7 family letter will be going home today, along with the homelinks.

Social Studies:  Our focus will be on learning about Women we should know.  We are also working with maps and geography-learning physical locations of our world!!

Science:  What can your child tell you about geoengineering?  What do they know about structures and supports when planning on building or using the ground for support?


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