Weekly Overview April 2,2018

Welcome back from Spring Break!!  Hope everyone had a good week and hope I see everyone back today!!  I missed them all!!!

First things first-we need snacks!!  Thanks:)

Science:  I am excited to start a new science unit this week-we will be studying Plants and Insects!!  Should be a lot of fun and a lot of learning and exploring!!  I will be ordering Preying Mantis egg sacs, Painted Lady eggs, and silkworm larva.  We will be observing all development and be caring for these animals-learning about their habitats and life cycle developments.  We have already planted in the classroom (hope you heard about that), but will be planting more, inside and outside!!

Math:  We start our new Unit 8-Geometry and Arrays.  This week we will work with attributes of 2-Dimensional Shapes, comparing triangles, pentagons, and hexagons, and working with quadrilaterals.  We will also be continuing to understanding  multiplication and division-everyone is getting better and better with this!!  Work a bit extra at home if your child needs the practice!  Thanks

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, homelinks 8.1-8.4.  Thanks

Language Arts:  We will be working on comparing and contrasting stories.  We will also be working on the prefix over-, and words with or and ore.  Our stories will include learning about our environment through plants and insects!

Homework:  Your child will have a writing assignment-they should tell me about their Spring Break-  Most of them have already!!  Lots of excited kids this morning!!  Due Thursday.

We will also be sending home information about an Insect Project that your child will work on and complete at home.  This project will be due May 4th, but more information to come later this week.  They will have to be thinking about an insect that they will want to research.  Thanks

Social Studies:  We will be working on geography and map skills this week.  We are also continuing our 2nd step program and our calm classroom lessons.  Your children are now running the calm classroom lessons!!!  Ask your children about them.

Have a great week and thanks.

Jean Clement


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