Weekly Overview April 9, 2018

We all woke up to a snowy Monday!!  We have a busy week planned here!

Thanks for the snacks that came in last week!

Report card pick up is next Wednesday, April 18th.  Please email with a time that is good for you or I will also be outside with a schedule and you can sign up then.

Science:  Hopefully you have heard that our Painted-lady larva, meal worms and preying mantis egg sacs have arrived and we are already observing and learning about these insects!!  We will do lots of observing, reading, writing, and learning about these insects and their environments.  We can use a bit of oatmeal, apples, and potatoes to help feed our insects! Thanks

Homework:  Your child should be thinking about an insect that they would like to do a report on.  A guideline will go out this Thursday, but the report is not due until May 5th, so plenty of time to plan and have fun with it!!!

Social Studies: *** We are also starting a passport project for social studies and your children will learn about different countries and creative their own “passport”  These presentations will be provided by any parent that would like to come in and present to all 3 second grade classrooms for 15-25 minutes!  If you are interested in doing this, please email me or send in a note!  We have our first presentation this Wednesday on Japan!  So exciting!!

Language Arts:  We are heavily into Poetry and hearing lots of poetry and writing our own!  Your children are really loving this!!!  We are also working on paragraph writing, and will start to do some research on our insects!!

Homework:  Due this Thursday.  They will write what they already have learned about one of the insects that they have observed in our classroom.  Thanks for your help in this!

Math:  We are working with 2-dimensional shapes and will have some 3-dimensional shape activities this week.   We are learning about vertices, lines segments, faces, sides, line rays, and end points this week.

Homework:  Homelinks 8.5-8.8 this week-we will try and do 8.8 in the classroom on Thursday since there is no school this Friday.

Thanks for all your help.

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