Weekly Overview April 16, 2018

Good Morning to this spring snow!!!:)
To start off….we cold us snacks and tissue (Kleenex)-thanks!!

Report card pick up is this Wednesday.  Please email me with a time or send a note in-you can also see me before or after school.  Looking forward to meeting with you!  Thanks for coming in!

For Earth Day we will be cleaning up the school grounds inside the front fences!  We will be doing that tomorrow!!

Also, the second grade class is working with Ann Toebbe, an artist and 2nd grade parent, to create and paint a mural inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe!  It is outside the basement girls washroom!!  We have just started this and different students will be painting each Friday!

Please remember to stop by the book fair on Wednesday and your child can bring money in if you want them to visit the book store during the school hour.

Science:  So exciting!  Our Painted-lady larva have started to form chrysalis!!  A few of our meal worms have started the process of forming into a beetle:)!!  Our praying mantis egg sacs should hatch in a few weeks.  We are doing  a lot of observations and research to learn about the life cycles of these insects.

Homework:  Your child will have an insect homework sheet with them today to get them started on their report.  The report is due May 5, so they have plenty of time to learn about the “bug” they are interested in.   The project says insect, but it is fine if they choose something that is not classified as an “insect”  (spider, etc.)

Language Arts  (and Science):  We will continue to read our leveled books, work with poetry-both reading and writing, and research both insects and the countries that we are learning about.

Homework:  This will be the last writing assignment this week in Poetry again.  Starting next week, your child should just be working on their insect project for their language arts homework.  Thanks  The poetry is due this Thursday.

Math:  We will complete lessons 8.9-8.12 and will be taking the Unit 8 assessment this Friday.

The lessons continue to work with 2 and 3-dimensional  shapes and multiplication.  We are also measuring with both centimeters and inches and working on accuracy.

Homework:  Homelinks Monday and Tuesday-turn in Tuesday on Thursday, and Thursday will be homelinks 8.11, due Friday.  Thanks

Social Studies:  We have had a presentation on Japan and we will learn about Belgium tomorrow!  Please send in a note or email me if you would like to present to second grade about another country!!  We have begun working in our Passports!!  So exciting!!

Science:  Besides all our our insect observations and research, we are also watching our plants and learning about the life cycle of plants, (as well as the life cycle of insects).

Have a nice week and I am looking forward to meeting with you this Wednesday.

Sincerely, Jean Clement



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