Weekly Overview April 30, 2018

May is almost here and hopefully some warmer weather!  We have released our first egg sac of praying mantis and we released our Painted Lady butterflies last week!!  I am sure your heard!!  It was all so fun!!

Snack are need for this week (tomorrow!!)  and for the rest of the year!  Thanks so much and your children really need this snack in the afternoon!!  Thanks!

International Night is this Wednesday starting at 5:30!  Hope you can attend!!

Also we have a fund-raiser if you are in the market for a new mattress!  Look on our website or flyers have been sent home!!

Language Arts:  This is the last week that we will be reading and writing poetry.  Some students have been writing their own poems at home and hope this will continue for everyone to read and enjoy poetry!!

We are also doing research and writing about our But Project, which is due this Friday!!  Hope everyone has been learning about the bug that they chose to work on!!  Due May 4th!!

Homework:  Bug Project due Friday.

Math:  We will be working on lessons 9.4-9.7 this week.  We are measuring accurately-to the 1/2 inch, we are working with fractions each day!  Please practice at home.  We are including equivalent fractions.  We will also work on 3-digit subtraction this week.  If your child needs extra practice with the basic facts, please practice at home!!!  Thanks

Homework:  Homelinks Monday through Thursday 9.4-9.7

Science:  We are watching and learning about our preying mantis egg sacs, our meal worms and we now have silkworm eggs!!!  So exciting!!!

Social Studies:  We are knee-deep in our passports.  Last week we learned about Thailand, Belgium and Ecuador.  This week we will learn about our own Puerto Rico!  If you would like to give a 10-15 minute presentation to add to your child’s passport, please let me know!!  Thanks  We are all learning a lot and enjoying our travels!!

Please have a wonderful week and hope to see you on International Night!!

Thanks for all that you do.

Sincerely, Jean Clement

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