Weekly Overview May 21, 2018

Good morning to this rainy day!!We are on “F” of our ABC countdown!!  I brought kiwi for all to eat for a morning snack:)  Speaking of which, we could use some more, we have enough for a day or two.  Thanks!!

We take the NWEA on May 30th and the 31st.    That’s next Wednesday and Thursday.  We are practicing in the room, at a no-stress level!!  Your children will do fine!  Just try and have them here those two days (unless they are sick, they can make-up later).  I will have some extra snacks, etc. to help keep everyone focused!

Second grade field day (Olympic days starting in third grade) will be June 7th in the afternoon.  Ms. Lopez (gym teacher) is taking orders for air-brushed T-shirts for that day.  Shirts are $12.00 and must be ordered by this Friday.  Mr. Lopez has information on her blog..  Thanks this is just an option-no need to buy:)

Language Arts:  I will be testing your child individually again over the next few weeks!  I have a room full of great readers, so just keep reading at home!  We will work on inference and prediction this week!

We are also going to spend about 30 minutes each day doing some kind of NWEA practice, to help them know what to expect, again, at a no stress level.

Homework:  I will send home a Coat of Arms, character assignment again today, that is due Thursday.  Thanks and please remind your child to do this!

Math:  We have completed the official second grade math curriculum!!!  Your child will complete a Unit 9 math challenge today, along with ST Math and some NWEA practice.  The rest of the week we will continue to spend about 30 minutes a day on NWEA (we also did this last week), each day we will work on an end-of-year 2nd grade assessment, and we will continue to work on fractions and multiplication and division!  Please practice at home.  If your child still needs help with money and telling time, please practice at home!!  Example:  From 4:00-4:45, Monday and Thursday, how many minutes is that?  Hours and minutes?  -things like this!!

Homework:  Homelinks is completed, but your child will have a math worksheet each day, that will be due the next day.

Science:  We are still into our insect and plant unit and watching these things grow!!  What can your child tell you about the silkworm’s life cycle and care?

Social Studies:  Your children continue to lead our twice-daily calm classroom lessons.  We are working in our passports.  Again, if you can do a presentation to the class, let me know!

Have a great week and thanks for all that you do!

Jean Clement

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