Weekly Overview June 4, 2018

June!!!  This year has flown by!!

Second grade will have our Field Day this Thursday from 2:30-3:45-lots of outdoor fun and games!!  Extra water and snack are would be nice!!

Our Talent show is Monday, June 18th.

Language Arts:  We will all be reading books at our level this week-reviewing and discussing some of our skills and concepts!

Homework:  Your child will have their last homework with them this evening-a Coat of Arms and it is due Thursday.  Thanks for your help with homework-I know it is not always easy to fit it in!

Math:  We will finish up some work in our Math Journal 2, we will also be making some 3-dimensional shapes and working in  ST Math.

Homework:  Half sheets of math concepts, Monday through Thursday.  Thanks

Science:  Our silkworms are getting huge!  Ask your child how big!  They should be forming their cocoons soon-maybe this week.  Some students want to take a few home at the end of the school year.  If that is okay with you, please send in a note.  Thanks

Social Studies:  We added the country of Bangladesh to our passport last week.  We will write about it this week and that might conclude our passport for the year!

Have a great week!!

Sincerely,  Jean Clement

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