Weekly Overview June 11, 2018

Good morning!  We certainly had a fun, busy week last week and will continue this week with some fun end-of-year activities!!

Math:  We will be playing math games, working on ST Math, finishing up with our Math Journal 2 book, working on multiplication and making 3-D shapes!

Homework:  We will have homework,  the half sheets, Monday through Thursday.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We will be reading each day, writing in our Journals and in our Writer’s Notebooks, and reading and writing at our centers.

Homework:  No writing homework this week!

Science:  Well, our silkworms have almost all formed their cocoons!  Each child has a few at their desks!!  So exciting!  The cocoons will probably hatch next week, the moths come out, maybe lay eggs, then die, ending the life cycle.  If it is okay, please email me or send me a note that your child can take their silkworm habitats home.  The moths and eggs would need to be disposed of after they hatch-freezing is the best method to stop the eggs, if the moth lays an egg.  Your children have really enjoyed this and have learned much!!

Social Studies:  We will continue our calm classroom, our passport books and some geography this week!

Have a wonderful week.

Next week-we will have our school picnic on Tuesday, the last day of school!  Bitter-sweet-I will really miss this class-they are all wonderful children!!  Thanks for everything that you do!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

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