Weekly Overview November 9, 2009

FIELD TRIP TOMORROW!!!   The Hundred Dresses has gotten rave reviews!!!  I am very excited.  Please remind your children how to be sophisticated third graders when on a bus and watching the performance.   They should bring a lunch and we will eat in the classroom when we return.

Picture retake day is next Monday, November 16, 2009.

Your child has a scholastic book order form.  Please turn in forms by Friday if you want to order books.  Thanks.

Just a reminder, no school on Wednesday, Veteran’s Day.

Language Arts:  We have been reading The Hundred Dresses, writing about it in our Writer’s Notebook, discussing bullying and enjoying the story.  We will each draw either a dress or a motorboat today and take the drawings with us tomorrow.  Some of the art work will be displayed during the performance.  Journal writing, this week, will focus around two of the characters-Maddie and Jack.

Homework:  OK, homework for this week and next, as follows.  Your child has either a Learning First Booklet OR a Reading Benchmark Assessment with them.  They should work in their booklet for the next TWO weeks, becoming fluent in the readings and very comfortable with their answers to the questions that follow each story.  Your child should spend at least 30 minutes each night, reading and then answering the questions.  THESE BOOKLETS SHOULD NOT BE RETURNED TO SCHOOL.  Please, review your child’s answers with them, practicing at home.  In addition, your child has an extended response writing prompt.  On this Friday November 13, your child should bring their First Draft of their extended-response to school.  We will read them with a partner (and discuss how to improve), then your child will take the response home.  Your child should then rewrite their response, returning the final response on the following Friday, November 20, 2009.  Again, whatever booklet your child has should stay at home.  These are a good reminder, for parents, of what to expect on the ISAT’s.

Math:  Lessons 3.8-3.10 will be completed.  Please refer to Unit 3 parent letter and homework sheets 3.8-3.10.  Thanks.  In addition, we will working on facts (addition and subtraction)-taking a timed test each day this week!!!  Please practice these at home.  Thanks for your help.

Social Studies:  Working in our Map Essential books, we are learning about different types of maps and how to read information from them.

Science:  Investigation of Water Vapor will be our focus.  We will investigate the effect of surface area and air temperature on evaporation and observe condensation.

Art:  Hopefully you have heard about their Textured Pinch Pots!!  They really enjoyed working with clay and creating their pots!  We will paint the pots on Friday and they will be displayed in the hallway for all to see!!

Have a great week!   Jean Clement

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