Weekly Overview November 16, 2009

I hope to see you Wednesday on Report Card pick up day!!  Please sign up for a meeting inside the main entrance of the school.  Thanks.
Language Arts:  Expository Writing is our focus this week.  I will be sending home an information sheet about expository writing -explaining how to do “something”, or giving information about something.  Your children should be able to give you many details about Expository Writing.  Your child should have shone you their AR report.  Please discuss with them about how many points they are going to make as their goal this quarter.  We will also discuss at report card pick up.  What book is your child reading?

Homework:  Your child will have their first draft of their expository writing with them.  Have them read their writing to you.  They should spend about 30 minutes tonight editing their work.  Did they use signal words?  They do not need to finish their writing.  We will work on it again tomorrow.    Their homework for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night is answering in writing:  How I make my favorite sandwich:  Use their worksheet as a guide.  These should be turned in on Friday.  Thanks for your help.

I am going to keep their homework writing from last week and we will read them with a partner this week, editing their work.

Math:  We are studying for the Unit 3 test today.  The test will be given tomorrow.  Look for the Unit 4 Parent Letter on Thursday and we will begin Unit 4 on that day!!  Homework tonight is studying for the test-they will have their Math Journal 1 with them tonight.  Unit 4.1 homework will be due Friday.

Art:  We will finish painting our Textured Pinch Pots.  You will see them on display on Wednesday!

Social Studies:  In preparation for International Night, each student will be making a flag from their country to be displayed for that night.  What flag is your child working on?  They will start today.

Science:  Discussion and observations will focus around water vapor and exploration of the properties of water in liquid, solid, and gaseous states.

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