Weekly Overview November 23, 2009

Thank you for everyone who came in on Report Card Pick up!!  I am enjoying teaching all your children.   Let us both push your child a little more in reading, writing and math.  Thanks for your help.

Language Art:  Many readings this week will focus around a Thanksgiving theme.  Ask your children what stories we are discussing.  “The Bad Beginning” is still being read-what can your child tell you?  What vocabulary do they remember from the story?  The story has many challenging words that we are making a list of and discussing.  Our writing will focus around journal writing a little more this week.  (We are finishing up any expository writing that is not completed.)

Homework:  (along with our social studies)  Your child has three worksheets that go along with our Time Magazine – Past and Present.  They will have their magazine and the worksheets with them today.  They should complete all three worksheets (one sheet is on both sides) and the worksheets are due on Wednesday.    There are a total of three bonus activities – one on the bottom of each page.  Your child can choose to do one, two or three of these activities and turn them in on Wednesday, along  with the worksheets.  These bonuses are extra credit.  Discuss this option with your child.  Thanks.  Also, the Home Journal Writing Books are still circulating.  Please spend some time reading the Journals with your child when it is their turn to write in them.    These Journals are graded just like homework.  Thanks.

Math:  Lessons 4.2-4.4 will be completed this week.  Homework Monday and Tuesday evenings.  We will do homework with a partner on Wednesday.

Your child has their Unit 3 test and a Unit 3 quiz with them.  Please review and sign and return if I requested that.  Thanks.  As always, go over the test/quiz with your child.  Please review anything that they do not yet have secured.  Thanks.  We are in to facts-multiplication and division!!!  Practice extra at home!

Social Studies:  The stories of Thanksgiving, Native American, sharing and friendship will all be discussed through many stories.

Art:  We will focus around a holiday art activity.

Have a wonderful Holiday and I will see you again next Monday.

Thanks, Jean Clement

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