Weekly Overview November 30, 2009

Welcome back!  We came back to school with a reminder that we won the prize for bringing in the most cans -58!!!  I (we) did not even know that we would get a pizza party-your children were so wonderful about helping others-thank you very much.  The pizza party will be tomorrow-your child does not need a lunch.  They can bring in an extra drink if they would like, but drinks will also be provided.  If your child paid for lunch for tomorrow, we will return that to you.  Yeah room 206!!!!

Language Arts:  We are reading Make Way For Ducklings this week.  A test will be given on Thursday.  (no school on Friday)  This is a third grade book and on AR.  Your child can choose to take the test this week when they are ready.  We are also reading The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snickett-a seventh grade book that they are all enjoying.  This is the first in a great series…

Homework:  Due Thursday.  Your child will have a web started today on Make Way For Ducklings.  They will complete the web at home, helping them to focus their writing.  They will answer the question  How can an environment be both safe and dangerous for its wildlife?  They will use information from Make Way For Ducklings and their own background information to answer this questions.  They will write one paragraph on “a safe environment” and one paragraph on “how an environment would be dangerous”.  They should use the web to help focus their sentences.  Ask them about their word list from the story.  They should conclude their writing with a final paragraph (at least two sentences– example….as you can see, an environment can be both…)  Can they also put in a question somewhere in their writing.  The web and the final writing should be turned in on Thursday.  Extra credit-they can draw an illustration of their writing.

Math:  Lessons 4.5-4.4.7 will be completed.  We are working on multiplication and division.  What strategies can your child tell you about solving these kind of problems.  Practice facts at home!

Homework-Monday through Wednesday.

Social Studies:  Our lesson this week will focus around “Directions” in map reading.  (North, South, East, West, NE, SW, etc.).  We will also make a compass this week.

Art:  Echo Masks- Your children will see that flat, cut-paper shapes can be made into bold three-dimensional paper sculptures.  Our class will make wearable masks!!

Science:  Your children have made and observed a thermometer.  What can they tell you about hot and cold water?  We will discuss water and energy from water by constructing a waterwheel and using it to lift objects.  We are also reading many books related to water and how important water is in so many ways to our lives and our Earth.  What can your child tell you?

Remember Pizza Party tomorrow!!!  Again, thanks for all your help and interest in our classroom.

Jean Clement

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