Weekly Overview February 7, 2011

Wow…we made it through our first blizzard together!!!  We have some catching up to do….but we will stay busy and focused and keep on learning….!!

We will start to create our wood sculptures this Thursday (weather permitting!!)  That was a big worry after the snow storm!  Nobody has missed it!

Thanks for the snacks coming in.  We could always use more copying paper – colored is fun!!  Thanks.  Also…your child should have at least 3 pencils, sharpened, in the desk at all times!!!  If you have extra pencils at home, we can always use more here-thanks to the parents who have recently brought in many pencils!!

Language Arts:  We are working in our Journeys book on Lesson 16.  Your child will have their Focus Wall this week.  As  always, please review the weekly concepts, spelling and target words with them.  We will spend a lot of time, again, this week on reading stories and responding to comprehension questions and writing Extended-Responses.  We completed an extended-response this morning.  We will all have a chance to focus on the number “4” – the best responses- and learn from them.  We will be working out of our school ISAT Reading practice book a lot over the next three weeks.

Where is your child in their home ISAT books?  Thanks for all the notes about what lessons your child is on.  If the home ISAT books are completed, along with the work we are doing in school, your child will perform to the best of their ability when ISAT testing begins-thanks for your help in preparing your child.

In addition, we have been talking about our African-American Reports that we will be starting.  Your child should choose an important African-American who has made a difference in our country.  We are discussing this in class today and your child should have their person in mind by this Wednesday.  We will spend some time in class researching, but your child will also need to work on this at home.  More info to come on Wednesday.  In general, your child will write at least a three paragraph research paper/report on their individual.  This can be typed, but must be in your child’s own words.  In addition, we will talk about an art project/portrait, to go along with their report.  Again, look for a general outline of this project on Wednesday.  Thanks.  The completed project is due Tuesday, February 22.  Thanks.  These will be on display for our Gallery Walk on Friday,  February 25, 2011.

Homework:  Your child should be spending about 30 minutes, as always, per night reading.  Your child has their AR record from last quarter and their new AR goal with them.  Please review all of this and if they is a question about their new AR goal, please let me know.  Thanks.  Your child will also, each night this week, Monday through Thursday, complete one lesson out of the School ISAT reading book.  They will have this book with them today.  After your child completes their assignment, please review their work with them.  The book should be returned to school each day.  Thanks.

Math:  We will slow down a little on our Everyday Math Lessons and also spend some time each day working out of the ISAT school math practice book.  This book is in addition to the one they are working on at home.  This week we will cover lessons 6.6 and 6.7.  We will then work each day in our school ISAT book.  We are also jumping ahead some in our math books to cover some material that we wouldn’t get to until the end of the year  (ie…probability, some geometry, area, etc.)

Homework:  Monday and Wednesday lessons 6.6 and 6.7.  On Tuesday and Thursday, your child will have extra work in the school ISAT book-look for this book those days.  The book should be returned each day.  Thanks.  In addition, your child should be working out of their home ISAT book each night.  Again, if your child is learning these concepts, your child will do great on the ISAT’s!!!!  Thanks for your help.

Science:  We are working with magnets and will work with light bulbs, batteries and wires with week!!!  After Thursday, ask your child what they have learned!!

Social Studies:  We have moved on to Unit 4- The Northeast.  Your child has been told that they can take the book home to further read in this unit as they like.  We will incorporate this reading into our language arts as well.  Also see language arts research project for Black History Month.

Art:  We will begin work on a portrait drawing.

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