January 7, 2013 Weekly Overview

..It’s feeling like January….our room can be a little cold…maybe make sure that if your child has a t-shirt on…to also leave a sweater in the room  🙂

 A few notes: 

1.We need some snacks…thanks

2.  Some supplies that we could use for the room:  Kleenex (tissue-lots of runny noses:)), PENCILS, red (pencils, markers, crayons,-anything to grade with)- thanks for your help.

3.  The second MAPS testing is this week.    Our room will have reading this Wednesday morning and Math on Thursday.    Thanks.

Language Arts:  This week our focus will be on Facts and Opinion, Infer and Predict, Proper Nouns and Compound Words and suffixes -ful, -less, -ness, and -ment.

We will Have a Test on Friday.

We are also reading our own AR appropriate leveled books each day for AR testing.  Please know where your child is in meeting their own target goal.  Thanks. 

Another writing activity this week-Your child will observe a piece of art work and write they own story from the illustration.  These will be edited by your child, then published on our board outside our room.  Please enjoy!!

Homework:  Your child will have the 20 compound words with them tonight.  They should be thinking of a story to write, using all the words.  The story is due this Thursday.  For extra credit they can illustrate their story.

Math:  We will review Unit 5, again, this afternoon and have our Unit 5 test tomorrow. Your child will have their Math Journal tonight for further review.  We will start Unit 6 tomorrow and you should expect 6.1 homework and the parent letter outlining the Unit’s goals.  Thanks.

Homework:  Tonight-study for test.  Tuesday through Thursday-6.1 through 6.3

Science:  We will finish our electricity unit this week-you will see a pre and post “Flow of Electricity” test-they have all learned a lot in this unit!!    We are also going to be reading and doing research from a variety of science books that I have in the room-we did one activity this morning-ask your child about what they did.

Thanks and have a good week.  Jean Clement


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