September 16, 2013

Hello and Welcome to my blog!! Hope this is helpful in keeping track of your child’s weekly schedule and assignments and what skills you should be working on at home!! Thanks for your help! It was nice meeting everyone at Open House and Room 215 is expecting to have a year full of academic growth, not to mention some fun in getting there!!
Ask your chld about morning meeting and Sharing time!! Several students will share each day during this time.

Language Arts: Lesson 4 will focus around the target skill of “Cause and Effect” when reading a story. They will work on the strategy of Summarizing a story. We will work on Long Vowels of o, u, and e and the sounds for g. In reading fluency, we will discuss and practice “intonation”.
In grammar we will review subject and predicate and move on to declarative sentences (makes a statement) and interrogative sentence (asks a question).
Your child will write a True Story in class this week.

Homework: Your child will complete a book jacket at home and return it to school on Thursday. Your child will have a rubric and complete instructions with them on Monday. Please ask your child for it. Please keep in mind the target skill of “Summarizing” the story for their jacket. I will also show them a sample at school. If your child would like to make more than one book jacket, that would be great! These will be on display in the classroom!
Your child should also be reading at least 20 minutes per night. Please work with your child each night.
In addition, the high-Frequency Words for the week are: by, cheer, could, hello, hundred, mind, play, read, see and today. Please work with these words at home, making flash cards if needed!!

Math: We will complete lessons 1.8-1.11 this week. Skill will include place-value patterns on number grids, equivalent names for numbers, counting patterns and looking for patterns on a calculator, and reviewing relations (, and =). Look for the first Home Links on Thursday.

Homework: Monday through Thursday, lessons 1.8 through 1.11. Homework should be completed each night and returned the next day.

Science: We will start our first Unit on Air and Weather this week.

Social Studies: What can your child tell you so far? We have discussed and used the vocabulary: elections, mayor, governor, President, community, leader and responsible citizenship. What does that mean in a classroom setting? Discuss with your child. Thanks.

Please jot a note in your child’s homework notebook that you have seen and read my blog. Thanks much!
Jean Clement

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