September 30, 2013 Weekly Overview

Last week’s field trip was a blast!! Hope you heard all about it!!
Language Arts- This week our learning objective in reading will be the story structure. We will also target singular and plural nouns (we worked on this today), punctuation and reading with fluency (look at sentence structure), the consonant blend with r, l, and s. We will also work woth word endings of -ed, and -ing (work with at home). We will have a test on Friday, the books will go home on Thursday for review.

Homework: Your child will work with the 11 “w” words of want,, was, went, were, what, when, where, who, why, with and would. Each night they should write 2 or 3 questions, using one word per question, then they should answer the question. ( example: What animal lives 1/2 mile under Croatia? The animal that lives in a cave under Croatia is the…. (p.s. your child knows the answer!!) Anyway, they should write a question and then answer in a complete sentence. Have fun with the questions, they can be complex or simple. Please work with your child in reading these words fluently and spelling them correctly. Illustrations are extra credit and the homework is due Thursday. Friday night for homework, your child will study for the test on Lesson 5 with the above named objectives in mind. Thanks.

Math: Unit 1 is complete and I will get back their test to you this week. Unit 2-you should have the parent letter. Math lessons 2.3 through 2.6 will be completed this week. Our objectives this week are: Monday-Review and provice practice for doubles facts,
Tuesday-Review turn-around facts for addition and we will have a timed-fact test,
Wednesday-Practice doubles-plus1 and doubles-plus-2 facts
Thursday-Review the -0 and -1 shortcuts; and will guide children to identify the subtraction facts as related to addition facts.
Friday-We will review weekly objectives and complete and review our work.

Homework: Monday-Practice fact sheet, Tuesday through Thursday-Lessons 2.4-2.6

Social Studeis: Unit 2 will be started and we will discover The World Around Us. We will start out this week working with maps.

Have a great week. Thanks Jean Clement

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