Weekly Overview December 9, 2013

Hope everyone got my hard copy of the weekly overview last week.  The blog seems to working again today!!

Tomorrow is gym day and I am encouraging everyone to wear their Ray shirt-only $6.00 if your child does not have one and I have just gotten a new order in, so please purchase one if you have not already!!   Thanks.

We have two weeks left in December and will stay busy and focused!!  Next week, our class will say the Pledge over the loud speaker each morning.  I will pick two different students each day to do our schools morning greeting!  Wish I could pick 24!!!

Language Arts:  We are returning to Journeys this week with Lesson 9!  Your children were so happy they all had huge smiles and were very excited!!  It’s a good reminder how they like and need the structure!!  Ask your children about the 8 vocabulary words and what they remember about my read aloud.  The concepts this week are character development and summary.  We had discussions on both, but please review at home-they all need it!  Thanks.  We will have a Journeys test on Friday.  We will also be learning about synonyms and the endings of -ed, and -ing.  Please talk about base or root words and suffixes and prefixes, as we will be doing this in class.

Homework:  Each night your child should be working on their diorama.  What Nation group have they chosen?  This is due no later than next Tuesday.  Please remember that your child needs to read at least 30 minutes each night-this is a must and a part of their homework!!  Also, if your child is doing extra credit-writing and/or reading, please have them bring their work in so that I can record it!!  Thanks.  Journeys books will go home Thursday night, so they can review the story with you for their Friday test.

Math:  We will begin Unit 5:   2-D and 3-D Shapes.  Lessons 5.1- 5.4 will be completed this week.  Our objectives are knowing attribute rules for shapes, telling time using digital and analog notations, naming and drawing line segments, parallel line segments and practicing multiplication facts.  We will work with polygons, naming sides, vertexes and angles.  Practice at home!!

Homework:  Monday through Thursday-5.1 through 5.4.  As always, homework is due the next day.

Social Studies:  We will complete our work with the People of the Southwest this week.  Look for your child’s Native American Folder this week!!!  They have completed many activities and a lot of learning has gone on!!  Please spend some time reviewing your child’s work with them.  They are very proud of what they have completed!!

Science:  We have made pinwheels in discussing wind.  We also have a Wind Vane in our room.  Ask your child what that is and what it does.  This week we will make a kite and also discuss clouds and their different formations and what the formations mean.

As always, thanks for working together with your child in helping each day be a good learning experience!

Have a nice week, Jean Clement

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