Weekly Overview October 6, 2014

Thanks for all the $85.00 class fee that you have brought in!!!  Also, thanks to the parents who have given our class a snack!!  Everyone is eating every afternoon, so please bring in a healthy snack for 25 students!  Thanks.  When you do, your child puts a sticker next to their name on our snack chart!  So fun!:)

A tentative field trip schedule will go home today.  Please ask your child to see it. (copier not working-maybe look for tomorrow-thanks)

Language Arts:  We will complete Lesson 5 this week.  Our focus will be on Story Structure, Punctuation, singular and plural nouns, the Blends of r, l, and s. and base words and endings of -ed, -ing.  Our target words this week are wonderful, noises, quiet, sprinkled, share, noticed, bursting and suddenly!  These words can be used in the Writing that is due Friday!!!

Your child might be talking about a reading group that they are in.  Ask them about this and about the AR tests that they are taking!  Ask them about their Journal, their Writer’s Notebook and the 100 words that they read today!!  We are working on fluency and how we read.

Homework:  Your child and you should be completing the homework Reading Log each night and reading for at least 15 minutes per night.  Also, the writing assignment is on the back of the reading log page!  Please have your child working on their writing each night.  Several students are not doing their writing assignment and are not turning it in on Friday.  Thanks for your help!!

Math:  We will complete lessons 2.6 through 2.9 this week.  The focus will be Subtraction from Addition, Fact Families, Exploring Weights and Scales, and Name Collections ( a number can be named in many ways    10 =  12-10, ten, ten tally marks, 2+2+6, etc.  We will also be taking fact timed tests each week and your child’s test will be made more challenging, according to their skill level!

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, one homelink each night.

Social Studies:  We are discussing Communities using the words, government, government agencies, citizens, law and taxes.  Ask your child what they know!  Thanks.


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