Weekly Overview October 5, 2015

A busy week–

-We are starting a school drive to collect clothing for people who need these donations.  Boxes will be places on each floor starting today!  Please have your child bring items in to place in the boxes.  Many Thanks.

-Wednesday is international bike and walk to school day!!  Please participate if you can!!  If not come a bit early and we will have Zumba outside to start our day-8:15!!

-Thursday is Open House-4:30-6:00, then please attend the LSC meeting at 6:00!!  In our room from 4:30-5:00, then go to specials, then 5:30 in the auditorium to hear all school State of the School with Ms. Thole.

-Your children took both the Reach math and language arts assessments last week.  If they were absent one day, we will make those tests up this week.

-Friday is Picture Day!!!

-Please look for the Writing Assignment today that is due Friday and the Reading Log that is on the other side!!  This is handed out each Monday!!  Thanks

Language Arts:  This weeks focus is Cause and Effect within a story.  We will further review Nouns, work on writing a true story, and looking for clues in a story.  Discuss intonation with your child when they are reading.  Thanks.

Homework:  I am not getting all writing assignments in on Friday!!  This year homework is a bigger part of your child’s grade-it is VERY IMPORTANT that homework is turned in!!  More during Open House.

Math:  Lessons 1.8-1.11.  Overviews include working with the quarter (also do at home!!), even and odd numbers, skip-counting, patterns and comparing numbers.

Homework:  We will have worksheets Monday through Wednesday, but Thursday your child will have their first Homelinks homework, that will be due Friday!!  We will have our first Unit Test next Tuesday.

Have a great week!!!

Jean Clement

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