Weekly Overview November 2, 2015

It’s November already!!!

This Wednesday is Ray Cafe!!

Hopefully you have this week’s note.  This week your child will have their writing assignment and their Reading Log, but we are also going to start our first research project!!  Your child will make a diorama depicting one Native American Group or Tribe.  We will be learning about mainly 5 groups.  The People of the Plains, People of the Eastern Woodlands, People of the Far North, People of the Northwest Coast and People of the Southwest.  We will be learning and doing some research at school, but the project should be worked on at home, collect information from books and the internet.  The diorama is due November 16.

Language Arts:  We will still complete Lesson 8 this week. Our focus will be on Main Idea and details, working with and knowing verbs, and blends of th, ch, sh, tch ph, and wh.  Work with your child on words containing these blends.

Homework:  Writing assignment is due this Friday, the Reading Log is due next Monday, and the Native American research project is due November 16.

Math:  We will complete lessons 2.8-2.2.11 this week.  Lessons will cover even and odd numbers, equivalent names for numbers, skip counting and solving addition and subtraction problems.

Math homework:  Homelinks 2.8-2.11, Monday through Thursday.

Science:  We will Make the parachutes and kites this week.  Ask your child how a parachute works.  We are also watching an Amaryllis grow and measuring it’s growth!

Social Studies:  We will being learning about the different Native American People and their culture.  We will have a Potlatch celebration here in a few weeks-more information on date and details later.

Thanks and have a great week.

Jean Clement


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