Weekly Overview January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!!!  So glad to be back and hope you had a good few weeks break!

Your child has their new reading log, their writing choice assignment, a parent letter from our Unit 4 math program and their 4.1 homelinks homework that is due tomorrow!  As always, thanks for your help.  The most important homework your child has, is their reading each night!!

**Please Note:

**Social Studies:   African American Heritage month is February.  Your child will do a research project on an important African American Person (a historical figure) or an African American Musician (classical, blues, jazz, opera, country, swing).  These reports will be due the last week of January.  All information will go home tomorrow.

Language Arts:  This week we will be focusing on Author’s Purpose for writing, the words and sounds that have ee and ea in them, quotation marks-try to work on this in their writing assignment this week, and using a dictionary.

We are reading for accuracy and fluency and working on our reading stamina while enjoying our story adventures!!

Homework:  Reading each night and working on the writing assignment that is due this Friday.

Math:  We have started a new Unit 4 today-Place Value and Measurement.  This unit will be telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, easily and consistently; numeration and place-value to 3-digits, measuring with inches, feet, centimeters and millimeters.  How many inches are in a foot and a half?  Work on questions like this.  If it is 3:45, what time will it be in one and a half hours?  Practice problems like these each night.  Thanks

Homework:  Homelinks each night, Monday through Thursday.

Science:  We will be starting a new Unit tomorrow-Balance and Motion.  A fun unit that will have your children balancing many objects, using counter-balancing to help them learn about balance points.  They will learn how to make a counterweight to balance objects and touch on magnetism and force.

Have a great week and lets help our children have the opportunity to spend each night reading!  Thanks

Jean Clement

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