Weekly Overview January 11, 2016

Just a few notes:

Your child has several notes with them today.

Please help your child in choosing an African-American Person to learn about in doing their report.  Your child has a form that should be filled out with the name of the person that they choice.  Please sign the form and return it tomorrow.  This report should be completed on a poster board.  Some students said they also wanted to do a diorama and I told them that was fine, it they had time.  Your child has several sheets to help them guide their learning and research and to help them organize their writing.  Thanks for your help with this!!  There will be a Gallery Walk in February and all these reports will be displayed for all to see!

Also, our room has been a bit chilly, so please have your child wear or bring a sweater to school.  They can leave this in the room if you wish.

Thanks for the snacks that have come in today.  We could use some more.  We have enough for the next week.  Thanks.

Stay warm this week.

Thanks for all your help.

Jean Clement

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