Weekly Overview January 19, 2016

A shorter but busy week!

First off, our room can be hot or cold.  Please have your child wear layers or leave a sweater at school.  Thanks.

Your child should be working on their African-american Report each night.  It is due next week.  It can be on a poster-I have a poster if your child needs one-just have them ask.  Also, your child can do a Film Strip picture depiction if they want.  I will show them an example and send home film strips for kids who want them.  Have fun working with your  child on this project!

We have our field Trip next week to go see Snowflakes at The Chicago Children’s Theater.  it’s January 27th-next Wednesday.  We should be back for lunch, so your child can still have a school lunch if you would like them to eat one.

Math:  This week we will work with inches, feet and the centimeter.  Please review these at home.

Homework:  Tuesday through Thursday.

Language Arts:  Our focus this week will be on compound words, titles of people (Mr.  Mrs.  Dr., etc.), abbreviations, write to persuade, dictionary work and Cause and Effect.

Homework:  Your child does not need to do the writing assignment that is due Friday, but your child should be working on their African-American Report each night.

Your child should be reading at least 20 minutes each night.  Thanks

I am also Testing each child through Dibels for the next two weeks.  Ask your child how they are doing.  They all should know their gains!!  Thanks.

Jean Clement


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