Weekly Overview February 8, 2015

Second grade is moving along, and we are half way through the year!!

Everyone is learning, working and continuing to try and be the best second-grader that they can be!!

What a good group of students!!

Please remember to read through the Ray Enews each week.

We will have a Valentine Celebration this Friday and your child will have a class list, if the copy machine is working:)

We will also complete a Chinese New Year Book this week!!

Your child does have a new reading log, with 2 suggestions for the writing assignment that is due this Friday.  Thanks for your help with their homework.

We have completed the first  workbook in our Journey’s book and the first math workbook journal 1.  These two workbooks will go home with your child this week.  If some pages have not been completed, please work with your child if you see the need.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  This week we will work on Story Structure, Infer/Predict, fluency rate in reading, homographs, pronouns, and word endings of -ed, -ing.  Please keep this in mind when your children are working on their written assignment all week.

Math:  Unit 5 is all about addition and subtraction.  Your child should be able to add and subtract 2-digit numbers.  Work on at home if your child needs the extra help.  We are working on reading an analog clock to the 5-minute mark.  Practice at home.  We are also working with our pattern templates and reviewing/learning our shapes.  Your child should have a sheet that they worked on in school today.  Ask to see it.  Thanks

Homelinks:  Monday through Thursday, homelinks 5.5-5.8  thanks

Thanks and have a good week.

Jean Clement




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