Welcome to Second Grade

 School Folder:

  • Assignment sheets will come home every Monday. They are also posted on the school website. ray.cps.k21.il.us (under about tab and teachers tab) If you misplace your assignment sheet please look on line.
  • Folders must be returned to school daily.
  • Feel Free to include notes to me, forms and various payments (please place payments in an envelope with your child’s name on it).
  • Assignments include reading, writing application, sight words, and a math worksheet. If you have questions feel free to ask.

Curriculum: In Illinois we are currently using the Common Core Standards.  Subjects emphasized in second grade are Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Grades:  Grades for all subjects at Ray School are weighted as follows:  40% assessment, 30% Classwork and participation, and 30% Homework and Projects.  Project assignments will have a scoring rubric attached.

Field Trips: Fees for the trips are in addition to what you have already paid in for the school fee.  Trips are a required part of our curriculum.  Please do not use access to the trips as a reward or missing them as a consequence for behaviors.  Project work is usually related to the field experience. We will have several field trips throughout the year, and we will always need chaperones.  See the teachers if you want to attend.  Some have limited space.

Birthdays – We only celebrate birthdays on the last Friday of each month.  We can only accept healthy snacks, we are no longer allowed to serve cupcakes or other sweets.  Consider fruits or another healthy treat (must be store bought—nothing homemade)

Snacks – Each day at second recess students can eat a snack.  We do need snack contributions.  Please send enough for 30 students.